Air Conditioning
Find a cooler way to save on your home cooling costs.

Keeping Your Home Nice & Cozy in Quinte Area

There’s nothing better than coming home to a warm house on a cold winter’s day. And, of course, that can only happen with a dependable heating system to keep your home comfortable from the late fall through early spring. Friel Heating & Air Conditioning Inc installs new gas furnaces for homes in Belleville and the Bay of Quinte Region.

Want to Improve Your Home’s Heating Efficiency?
Within the last 20 years, gas furnaces have become much more efficient. In the past, you could only count on 60-70% efficiency from a gas furnace. Today’s gas furnaces, from brands such as Amana®, reach real world efficiencies up to 98%. That means for every dollar you pay for natural gas, 98% is converted to real warmth and comfort.

No Chimney Required
With a natural gas, high-efficiency furnace, there’s also no need for a chimney; gas furnaces use outside air to feed the combustion, which is then vented through an external wall.

Real Savings
All depending on your current home heating costs, a high-efficiency furnace can save you a bundle on energy expenses. The higher your current rate, the more potential you have to save!

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