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Friel Heating & Air Conditioning

Heating & Cooling

There’s nothing better than coming home to a warm house on a cold winter’s day

At Friel Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. of Belleville, we offer dependable heating systems to keep your home warm and comfortable during the late fall through early spring. We only install Amana furnaces because we know they are tried and true. For people who purchase a furnace from Friel, we also provide installation services throughout the Bay of Quinte Region. With a natural gas, high-efficiency furnace, there’s also no need for a chimney; gas furnaces use outside air to feed the combustion which is then vented through an external wall.

Our Consultants Are Happy To Help

If you’re planning to invest in a heating system for your home, we’ll take you through our heating products and services including:

You can save on energy bills with a high-efficiency furnace. The higher your current rate, the more potential you have to save!

Improve Your Home’s Heating Efficiency

Over the last 20 years, gas furnaces have become more efficient. While in the past, we could only count on 60-70% efficiency. But today’s gas furnaces, from brands such as Amana®, reach real-world efficiencies up to 98%. That means for every dollar you pay for natural gas, 98% is converted to real warmth and comfort. Contact us today for more information.

Your One-Stop For AC Installations In Belleville

Friel Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. offers AC installations in Belleville. There are many things to love about summertime but sweating it out indoors isn’t one of them! Beat the heat with our air conditioning systems. We serve homeowners across the Bay of Quinte Region.

Air Conditioning Services

Rising temperatures can increase the chances of your air conditioner breaking down. This can also impact on your power consumption bills. To help you save, we offer:
We proudly install quality Amana® heating and air conditioning products.

Ensuring You Have Nothing to Sweat About

Are your energy bills soaring by the month? Do you hesitate switching on your air conditioner because it may increase your energy bills? Meet our energy consultant and discuss ways to reduce your utility bills. If you would like more information, feel free to get in touch with us now.

Keep the stale air outside and let fresh air come into your home

When you think of clean, fresh air, you probably imagine a place like the Canadian Rockies. But, with a heat-recovery ventilator system, or a “HRV,” you can have fresh, clean indoor air — even during the winter months!

How does an HRV work?

A great way to minimize heat loss in colder climatic conditions and maintain the continuous supply of fresh air is to have an HRV installed. As warm, stale indoor air is vented outside your home, an HRV’s core traps much of the heat before it escapes. The core then uses that heat to warm up the fresh, incoming air from outside.

This process extends the life of your furnace and also conserves energy. It is also known to increase comfort while you have a continuous supply of fresh air and save on energy costs.

Give us a call for more details on our HRV products from reputable brands such as vanEE®.

Ductless Systems
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Heat Pumps
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